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Obstacles and challenges faced by multidisciplinary teams in small and medium-sized hospitals: a viewpoint from Japan

Author : Ezekiel Wong Toh Yoon*, Chie Mihara and Murata Hirohiko


Today, multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) are considered an integral part of modern health care.1, 2 In Japan, with the strong backing of medical societies and government policies, small and medium-sized hospitals (defined as hospitals with less than 200 beds, making up almost 70% of all hospitals; Figure 1) are also encouraged to establish MDTs in their efforts to promote patient safety and collaboration between health care professionals. However, due to the shortage of man-power and other resources, MDTs in small and medium-sized hospital often encounter many problems. In this short review, we will consider some of these obstacles and challenges from a Japanese viewpoint, studying the present situation of MDTs in our hospital, a typical medium-sized hospital in Japan

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